Solve-RD workshop: Navigating the Sandbox

Solve-RD workshop: Navigating the Sandbox

Solve-RD WP4 is organising a workshop on how to navigate the Sandbox.

Date & Time: Thursday, 19 May 2022, 14:00 - 15:30 CEST

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This combined webinar & workshop will provide an update on Solve-RD Sandbox services/functions, and also consider future plans, needs and possibilities. Intended participants include ERN data controllers/producers (to ensure that their data is being managed in ways they are happy with) and DITF members (to ensure they have services they need now and going forward).

To begin, the current status of the Sandbox will be presented, including its RD3 metadata layer and the Discovery-Nexus support capabilities. Via these components, users can find, filter, and access cases and related data and results. The system will be demonstrated for some example use cases. The meeting will then transition into a workshop activity, to gather reflections from participants, and propose improvements for the future. This will encompass possibilities within and beyond Solve-RD, including multi-omic data analyses and the ambition of federating services with those of EJP-RD and GPAP.



  1. Overview (Presenter: Joeri van der Velde, UMC Groningen & Anthony Brookes, University of Leicester)  | 40 minutes
    - Sandbox design and utility
    - RD3 metadata database
    - Discovery-Nexus capabilities
  2. Demo: Finding cases/data and creating cohorts (Presenter: Colin Veal, University of Leicester & Joeri van der Velde, UMC Groningen) | 20 minutes
  3. Discussion (Chair: Morris Swertz, UMC Groningen) | 30 minutes
    - Bidirectional Q+A regarding unmet needs and system improvements
    - Proposal for federation with GPAP, EJP-VP, 1+MG, Beacon, etc.