What is the registry?

The RDMM-Europe registry is an online registration tool and a database of European Model Organism Investigators and the specific genes they study. The RDMM-Europe Scientific Advisory Committee uses the registry to determine which scientists are doing work relevant to a newly identified human disease gene. Registrants who meet the criteria for a given gene will be invited to apply for a Seeding Grant.

What is the purpose of the registry?

The purpose of the RDMM-Europe registry is to collect information about Model Organism Investigators, focusing on genes they are studying. The registry will be used by the RDMM-Europe Scientific Advisory Committee and the Solve-RD Project Management Office to look for orthologues of a newly identified human disease gene. Model Organism Investigators studying the identified genes will be invited to apply for a Seeding Grant.

Furthermore, clinicians will also be able to query the database on their own in order to find a scientific partner for the functional validation of a new gene.

Who should register?

All European Model Organism Investigators should register if they want to be considered for a Solve-RD Seeding Grant and/or be visible for queries made by clinicians searching for experts for specific genes.

The RDMM-Europe registry is also linked to other international partner network registries (see this overview).