WP 4: Bioinformatics and knowledge management

WP lead:

Anthony Brookes
Department of Genetics and Genome Biology, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

WP4 is designed to enable the activities of the other WPs. It operates on the core principle that we will reuse, enhance and deploy existing solutions (for core analytics support, databasing, data discovery and data sharing) wherever possible, according to FAIR data principles, and make these operate in a unified system. We will leverage existing solutions created by our project partners (e.g., RD-Connect core databasing platform, Café Variome technologies for responsible data discovery), and import additional technologies to perform novel analytical approaches and manage diverse data types as necessary, using approaches that are publically available or created by infrastructure projects (especially BBMRI, ELIXIR) to which we are connected. The focus is on serving the needs of Solve-RD, rather than general informatics developments for the RD field.