Solvathon on sr-WGS analysis

6-8 November 2023, online

Goal: Instruct Solve-RD partners of all ERNs on how to analyse and interpret the results derived from sr-WGS experiments by the DATF working groups with the aim of diagnosing cases.

Analysis cohort:  1,885 novel sr-WGS experiments representing 866 RD families and 1,590 sr-WGS experiments (submitted for re-analysis) representing 764 families.

Audience: All Solve-RD partners that have contributed WGS data or samples for sr-WGS.

Further details (agenda, exact timetable, calendar invite and connection info) will be shared in due time. We plan to have sessions covering only half days in the above timeframe and people are not expected to attend all sessions.

Please get registered and save the date in your calendar!