European Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM-Europe)

European Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM-Europe)

Solve-RD is about to establish a European Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM-Europe) using the successful Canadian blueprint as a role model.

The goal of RDMM-Europe is to link clinicians discovering new genes in patients with rare diseases with basic scientists, who can functionally analyze equivalent genes and pathways in model organisms. Solve-RD will provide 50 Seeding Grants (20,000 EUR each) to fund projects that will allow rapid confirmation of potentially disease-causing genes and elucidation of the underlying molecular disease mechanisms.

The RDMM-Europe registry has now been implemented. European model organism investigators are encouraged to register in the RDMM-Europe registry and enter the genes/pathways they are working on for the respective model organism(s). Registration will express an interest in linking to clinicians representing patients with rare diseases and collaborating in projects funded by Solve-RD.

The Solve-RD Scientific Advisory Committee will use the registry database to determine which scientists are doing work relevant to human disease genes newly identified in the project. Registrants who meet the criteria for a given gene will be invited to apply for a Seeding Grant.

Solve-RD beneficiaries and associated partners will be able to submit a Connection Application to the Solve-RD Clinical Advisory Committee to functionally validate a newly discovered disease gene. We will inform our partners as soon as this is possible.

Further information can be found here.