3rd Solve-RD Seeding Grant awarded!

3rd Seeding Grant awarded!

The group of Ana Töpf and Volker Straub at the John Walton Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre, Translational and Clinical Research Institute, Newcastle University identified new vary rare variants of a gene in patients with severe respiratory failure, dyspnoea and spine rigidity. The RDMM-Europe Seeding Grant of 20,000 EUR awarded to Conrad Weihl and his group at the Washington University School of Medicine will enable the functional validation of the disease causing gene in a knockout mouse model. The group has vast experience in working with mouse models of neuromuscular disorders. In addition, biochemical studies will be carried out in knockout myoblasts to unravel putative mechanism of pathogenicity.

For more information on the Solve-RD brokerage service and the Seeding Grants see Rare Diseases Models & Mechanisms – Europe (RDMM-Europe).